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Caring For Loved Ones Left Behind

Most people understand that an early death is tragic, but they fail to think about all that comes afterward: the funeral expenses, the loss of family income, the need for extra help to do basic things like care for your children. These are the things Lofaso Law Firm, LLC, considers when attorney Matthew Lofaso undertakes a wrongful death claim. He believes that those responsible for your loss should be responsible for the full extent of its impact.

Baton Rouge and the surrounding parishes have relied upon Matthew Lofaso for over 26 years to advocate for their best interests during workers’ compensation claims and personal injury disputes. He uses our knowledge and our tenacious advocacy to obtain a settlement on behalf of our clients.

Giving You Much Needed Closure And Financial Support

Wrongful death lawsuits can be controversial for many survivors; you may not know if bringing a suit will simply rehash your emotions and trauma. However, it is important to keep in mind that a wrongful death suit can:

  • Hold a negligent party responsible for your loved one’s passing
  • Cover remaining medical expenses, including emergency and hospice care
  • Provide for funerary expenses like plots, caskets, cremation and other needs
  • Offer compensation for lost wages, particularly when the decedent was a primary wage earner

At Lofaso Law Firm, LLC, Matthew has the knowledge and resources to get you through this difficult moment.

Speak With A Knowledgeable Attorney Soon

Throughout the next few months, you and your loved ones should expect to encounter a host of issues in addition to your grief. What you do not need to do is manage them all on your own. You can get reliable, personalized legal help by calling 225-755-9972 or by sending an email.