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Louisiana Workers Deserve The Best In Workers’ Compensation Representation

Across the state, hardworking construction workers, manufacturing laborers, health care professionals and others experience unsafe working conditions. In too many cases, these lead to debilitating injuries and life-changing disabilities. Lofaso Law Firm, LLC, understands the ways your injuries change your life. Attorney Matthew Lofaso and his team use the law to obtain initial weekly indemnity and medical benefits while working towards making a complete recovery and ultimately a settlement to resolve your case in full.

When Matthew founded his Baton Rouge office in 2003, he did so with a strong focus on supporting the injured. By limiting the firm’s practice of law to working with injured workers and accident victims, he is able to develop highly personal legal strategies that draw on his decades of experience.

Understanding Your Rights Under Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Laws

Louisiana laws require your employer to carry workers’ compensation insurance so that if you are injured at your workplace or in the course of fulfilling work duties, you do not need to struggle to recover. A comprehensive workers’ compensation settlement can offer you financial compensation for:

  • Medical care, including emergency medical services and ongoing care needs
  • Pay losses stemming from your inability to work
  • Additional expenses related to your injury, like your travel to and from appointments, certain child care needs and living expenses
  • Funeral costs, when injury leads to death

When you are in need, know that you have an ally well versed in filing claims, negotiations, litigation and appealing workers’ compensation suits.

Standing Up For You In Difficult Moments

Do not go into your workers’ compensation claim without an attorney by your side who understands the rights and obligations you have under the law. Let attorney Matthew Lofaso help you make the most out of your settlement: 225-755-9972.