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No matter how you sustain an injury, the ongoing damage can alter the course of your life for weeks, months or years. During your recovery, the last thing you should have to worry about is how to pay your medical bills.

Lofaso Law Firm, LLC, draws on attorney Matthew Lofaso’s over 26 years of experience and dedication to Baton Rouge’s injured. Matthew and his team will create a personal plan for your legal case and advocate for the maximum settlement available. You need more than just the right medical team to recover; you need the right legal representation.

Do You Have A Case For A Personal Injury Settlement?

Most injuries occur by sheer accident, but “accidental” does not mean that there is no one at fault. Inattention, recklessness and mistakes all lead to serious harms, for example, a distracted driver hitting someone in a sidewalk or an unrepaired stair causing a catastrophic fall. Because someone was ultimately responsible (often referred to as liability), there is a good chance that the accident victim (or, in the worst cases, their surviving family) can make a claim for financial support.

The question becomes who is responsible and for what. The court looks through all the evidence to determine liability and then looks at the extent of the injury and the resulting expenses to determine the harms done. A fully considered and effective personal injury suit makes both of these elements clear and advocates for maximizing financial compensation.

A Voice For Accident Victims Across Louisiana

Attorney Matthew Lofaso understands that the law may be abstract to most but has very real consequences for you. Call his office in Baton Rouge today at 225-755-9972 to schedule a free consultation and to learn more about what a personal injury claim can mean for your recovery.