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At Lofaso Law Firm, LLC, you are more than just a client; you are a guest. Attorney Matthew Lofaso is honored to represent you. He knows that your injury has changed your life, and he takes his responsibility as your lawyer seriously.

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Focused On Supporting Individuals In Recovery

At Lofaso Law Firm, LLC, Matthew and his staff work exclusively on workers’ compensation and personal injury matters for Louisiana’s individuals and families.

After an accident causing severe injuries, his experienced, supportive staff dedicates its efforts to providing comprehensive legal care that supports you and your loved ones by pursuing the most possible compensation for your injuries.

He understands that, in moments like these, you are vulnerable, and you need the help of a law firm that treats you like you with dignity, commitment and genuine care. He is here to hold your hand, every step of the way.

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Personal Injury

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Workers’ Compensation

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Wrongful Death

Experienced And Committed Legal Representation For 

Baton Rouge’s Injured

An Experienced Legal Team Is A Must For Every Injury Victim

Across Louisiana, many injured workers, car crash victims and others have a similar experience with personal injury law – they try to represent themselves and accept an offer, not realizing for weeks or months that their settlement fails to cover their actual medical needs, let alone support their daily life in recovery.

By working with an attorney, especially one who works every day with workers’ compensation and personal injury claims, you get the benefit of experience. At Lofaso Law Firm, LLC, Matthew has spent decades representing the injured, which means he knows when a settlement is fair. He has the resources to get you fully evaluated medically and he understands the tactics insurance companies use to avoid giving you your full compensation.

In short, Matthew knows how to fight for you.

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